8 Insanely Clever Storage Ideas

Most of us don’t live in sprawling Jay & Bey style mansions. We live in “charming” homes that support our lifestyle and life stage. But whether you live in a stylish studio in the big city, or are creating a home in the ‘burbs for a growing family, every bit of space counts. These unique storage ideas were hand-picked by our invention experts to have passed the test for fun, quirky and useful.

  • Pet Feeder, $21: Why not feed your pet and store his/her food at the same time? Besides, this elevated feeder improves your pet’s digestion and helps reduce neck muscle strain. Can I get a hells yeah?! 
  • Play Mat Cleanup, $11: Make playtime easy and cleanup even easier. Legos anyone?
  • Silo Food Storage Container, $11: Silo is a stylish kitchen container with an integrated portion-control barrier. Perfect pours and always fresh ingredients #allday.
  • Cycloc Bike Mount, $99: Store your bike with style. This bike mount offers elegant and effortless horizontal or vertical bicycle storage, ideal for home, office and retail display applications.
  • Toy Eating Monster, $17: This might just be our favorite. No need to run from or battle this monster. Teach your kid to put his/her toys away in a fun way, then zip the monster’s mouth shut for safe toy storage. 
  • Hide a Sponge, $16: This savvy trey will hold and hide your sink sponges to keep your kitchen looking clean and tidy. 
  • Magnetic Bathroom Drawer Strip, $13: This handy magnetic strip holds all your bobby pins, tweezers, and any other metal tools so you never have to search again. 
  • Cargo Shower Caddy, $11: Cargo is no ordinary shower caddy. This souped-up carrier organizes all of your products with five flat bungee cords that separate items according to your needs and keeps bottles from toppling over. 
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  1. Chad Bukey says:

    These are great ideas but how about putting “Chomper” Quirky’s toybox on here instead of the Toy eating monster. Also Quirky’s “Hover”, my idea and way cooler, rather than cycloc bike mount that is $99. Hover holds a bike, scooter and skateboard with way more versatility and could be sold for way less. Maybe these ideas should be revisited since they both are insanely clever ideas???

  2. Linda says:

    Love the bike mount! Living in a tiny space requires ingenuity and that’s a good demonstration for such clever tricks of saving space. Thanks!

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