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Selected Ideas

Bolt Size-o-Meter Invented by Devin Gunderson

An adjustable wrench style head that slides like a caliper and reads out the size of wrench or socket you need in either imperial or metric.

Loft Invented by Debbie Schwartz

A shelf that attaches to the top of your TV or monitor giving you a new place to put your game system, cable box, DVD player, or computer!

Selected Pro Inventions

Pressurized Watering Invented by Mike Drewlo

Features a 10m hose that extends the pressurized watering can across your garden where you can choose from a jet stream to a fine mist. The hose winds up inside for easy storage.

Mess Up Invented by Daniel Schroeder

is a squeegee and dust bin in one. The tray’s built-in handle fits perfectly in your hand and the deluxe rubber-handled squeegee is comfortable to hold.