QUIRKY, HSN, and Randi Zuckerberg to Host Invention Search in NYC

Calling all inventors and entrepreneurs in the greater New York City area. We want to hear your brilliant ideas!

Quirky and leading entertainment and lifestyle retailer, HSN, are hosting an open call to inventors and entrepreneurs to pitch their product ideas “Shark Tank” style at Randi Zuckerberg’s Sue’s Tech Kitchen in New York City on December 9th 2017.

The chance to pitch HSN and Quirky executives will be first come first serve. Check out https://quirky.com/brilliant-product-idea/ for more information on how to participate.

The product search is a component of HSN’s American Dreams initiative – a program designed to tap into the joy and excitement of discovering new entrepreneurs, and then collaborate with strategic partners to find, educate and train inventors as they bring their products to market.

Sue’s Tech Kitchen is a tech-fueled wonderland for the mouth and the mind. Envisioned by bestselling author and serial entrepreneur Randi Zuckerberg, designed by a NASA scientist, and featuring technologies from all corners of the modern imagination, Sue’s Tech Kitchen offers a STEM-inspired adventure for the whole family that empowers kids to engage with tomorrow’s technologies and revolutionizes family dining in the process.

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  1. joan m sabula
    joan m sabula says:

    Oh, How I wish I could go, but I want to wish all those in the Quirky Community that are able to make it best wishes for success. I’m so glad Quirky is getting some publicity which will hopefully open the door for some of those fantastic ideas waiting in the wings.

  2. Pablo
    Pablo says:

    I tried 5 times to contact the Pitch Your Brilliant Idea by filling in my email address. Used 2 different emails and I was never contacted.
    Anyhow, the event will end in an hour.
    Question: How is it that you have 303k inventions and only paid 10million in royalties? That’s $36 an invention.

  3. Quirky
    Quirky says:

    Hi Pablo,
    We’re so sorry you had trouble reaching us – the right email is [email protected] for anything invention related.

    We have not commercialized 303K inventions. We have 150 inventions in the market today and more on the way!

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