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Pivot Power

Bendable Power Strip

Flexible surge-protecting power strip that bends to fit every sized plug or adapter without wasting a single outlet

Inventor Jake Zien Madison, Wisconsin Learn More & Shop


Wallet Sized Padlock

Sleek, thin and strong pocket-sized lock. Never forget your gym locker at home again.

Inventor David De Matheu State College, Pennsylvania Learn More & Shop


Staples where other staplers can't reach

Align’s detachable base enables a user to staple materials of any size, from posters to sheets of cardboard.

Inventor Kenneth Rubi Miami, Florida Learn More & Shop


Doggy Drinking Fountain

Pawcet is an outdoor fountain designed to provide fresh, clean water for your dog.

Inventor Tony Lytle Larwill, Indiana Learn More & Shop


The only bowl you'll ever need to bake

A measuring and 8 cup mixing bowl with a scraper on the handle to make sure you get every last drop off your mixing spoon.

Inventor Kyle Dulan Oak Creek, Wisconsin Learn More & Shop


Separating eggs a clean and easy task

When you're all finished, Pluck's clear plastic tip and silicone bulb come apart for easy cleaning by either dishwasher or hand.

Inventor Marc Fusco Sugarland, Texas Learn More & Shop

Hover 1 Cruze

Remoteless Cruise Controlled Electric Skateboard

Remoteless electric skateboard with touch enabled cruise control features

Inventor Michael Wahba Brooklyn, NY Learn More & Shop


Never have to put your hand in a dirty sink tub again.

Floating sink bobble means you never have to put your hand in a dirty sink tub again.

Inventor Maria Morrill Bayamon, Puerto Rico Learn More & Shop


Sprays juice directly from your citrus fruits

Stem sprays juice directly from any citrus fruit with the press of a finger - no cutting or skinning required

Inventor Tim Houle Hazel Park, Michigan Learn More & Shop


Light control wall switch

Control any light using your existing wall switch, no app, no installation. Just simple lighting automation.

Inventor Erin Wiggins Columbus, Ohio Learn More & Shop

Zen Cosmetics

Sleek & Stylish Bathroom Organizer

Zen Cosmetics is a glamorous storage unit that’s designed to hold onto your beauty and bathroom essentials.

Inventor Edwin van de Bospoort Otterlo, Netherlands Learn More & Shop


Microfoam draft beer system

Microfoam draft beer system. Draft beer poured from the comfort of your kitchen!

Inventor Lou Lentine Chattanooga, Tennessee Learn More & Shop


Charging Duffle & Backpack In One

A convertible packpack/duffle bag that protects and chargers your gadgets when you're on the go.

Inventor William Fine Wolcott, Vermont Learn More & Shop

Tune Zoo

Science made fun

Each hold a paw and drum your fingers to play a tune!

Inventor Debbie Schwartz Plantation Florida Learn More & Shop
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Recent Products Selected for Development

Bolt Size-o-Meter

Invented by Devin Gunderson

An adjustable wrench style head that slides like a caliper and reads out the size of wrench or socket you need in either imperial or metric.

Power Clip

Invented by Marc Nicee

The power strip you can clip to any desk! Keep it off the floor and at your fingertips – no more crawling under the desk!


Invented by Debbie Schwartz

A shelf that attaches to the top of your TV or monitor giving you a new place to put your game system, cable box, DVD player, or computer!