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Charging Duffle & Backpack In One

Meet William Fine

He had an idea for a better packpack...

A commercial heliocoptor pilot, William travels a lot. He wanted a safe, secure, and stylish way to transport and protect all his electronics.

A convertible packpack/duffle bag
that protects and chargers your gadgets
when you’re on the go.

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Charging Duffle & Backpack In One Available soon

The Product Journey

Check out how Trek got here

1. Idea

All great products start as a simple idea, and the first version may not always be the prettiest!

2. Design

After some basic research the product is professionally designed to test for viability.

3. Sample

A sample version of the product is then rendered, sampled, and prototyped.

4. Finished Product

After passing QA and safety testing the product is packaged and shipped for sale!

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