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Light control wall switch

Meet Erin Wiggins

Control any light using your existing wall switch

After moving into a new house Erin found that the switches on his walls didn't control the outlets he wanted them too. Rather than have to go into his walls and rewire Erin came up with the idea for Switch Flip to take the hassle out of suboptimal outlets.

Control any light using your existing wall switch,
no app, no installation. Just simple lighting

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Light control wall switch Available Soon!

The Product Journey

Check out how the Switchflip got here

1. Idea

All great products start as a simple idea, and the first version may not always be the prettiest!

2. Design

After some basic research the product is professionally designed to test for viability.

3. Sample

A sample version of the product is then rendered, sampled, and prototyped.

4. Finished Product

After passing QA and safety testing the product is packaged and shipped for sale!

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