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Today we launched our new pipeline pages, a content series where you can keep up with the progress of inventions which have been selected for development.

Check out Helix here, and Sound Track here.

What does it mean if your submission is selected for Development?

First of all it means you should celebrate, brag to all your friends and family, and blow up your social media with the news of your incredible accomplishment. Out of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of invention submissions yours has been chosen (cue sound of a hundred angels singing).

The Development stage is where we test for viability. Can this idea be turned into a real product? Should it? Think of the Development phase as being made up of lots of additional sub-phases, and your idea now needs to pass each one of the sub-phases before going on to production and distribution. These sub-phases include:


  • Design. We’ll put some of the industry’s finest industrial design talent behind sketching out your idea into a real tangible product.
  • Renders. Let’s visualize the form factor in the necessary environments.
  • Prototyping. Time to actually make a V1.0 of your product using 3D printing or other rapid prototyping technologies.
  • Testing. We need to make sure it will work, and it won’t harm anyone. There are more safety and federal regulations around products that you can imagine, so we’ve got to check all these boxes.
  • Sourcing. Can we find the materials and put them together in such a way that is efficient and allows us to produce the product at a reasonable cost? We all love cool pencil holders, but not ones that cost more than your iPhone X.



Each week we’ll provide updates as the chosen submissions move through these sub-phases. You’ll also get a glimpse into team meetings about your submission and some videos straight from the factory.

Sometimes the inventions won’t pass a sub-phase. That sucks, but it’s a fact of life. We’ll also use these pages to explain what went wrong, and why a product might be sent backwards, or crossed off the list.

The product development process is an incredible journey, and we’re excited to have you on board.

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  1. Phyllis Singer
    Phyllis Singer says:

    We’re you still interested in my invention for a bra for women who had lumpectomies and one Breast was shorter than the other from radiation. I’ve lost my correspondence to you as it was about 10 years ago.

  2. Richard Laurenzi
    Richard Laurenzi says:

    Please confirm that my food preparation device patent number 5,996,983 that went live on Quirky on Nov 6, 2014 is the invention you are referring to as having been chosen for fiurther development. I do have a full scale operational prototype and am located in Brooklyn, New York.
    Thank You,
    Please reply

  3. user
    user says:

    Hi Richard,
    Unfortunately no, this invention is not one of the most recent inventions chosen to move forward. We will be announcing inventions moving forward on a more regular basis – stay tuned for these updates on our social pages, email newsletter, blog and site.

  4. Quirky
    Quirky says:

    Hi Richard,
    We’d love to take a closer look for you. Please email our team with the link to your invention on Quirky and we’ll get right back to you on its status. Email [email protected]. Thanks!

  5. Quirky
    Quirky says:

    Hi Isaac,
    Thanks for writing in. We would be happy to look up your invention and let you know the status. Please email us the link to the invention that you are asking about to our inventor support team at [email protected].

    Team Q

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