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New Product in Development – Helix

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8 Insanely Clever Storage Ideas

Most of us don’t live in sprawling Jay & Bey style mansions. We live in “charming” homes that support our lifestyle and life stage. But whether you live in a stylish studio in the big city, or are creating a home in the ‘burbs for a growing family, every bit of space counts. These unique storage ideas were hand-picked by

Welcome (Back) to Quirky

Today Quirky looks different. What you are seeing is the first piece of a multi-phase rollout of important and necessary updates and enhancements to quirky.com. What’s New: First, we updated our homepage. As Quirky’s business model has evolved, so has our process for invention evaluation and development. Our new homepage is designed to educate new

Setting the Record Straight on Quirky’s Royalty Structure

We’re the first ones to admit our royalty structure (which is called Influence on quirky.com) isn’t a simple one. That’s because what we’re doing isn’t simple – it’s groundbreaking. From the technology that divides – in real time – millions of fractions of royalties, to the community control of those royalties, we’re not your typical

On the Road(map) to Invention

July was a big month for Quirky. We selected our first new toy invention off of the platform to move into production – a plush toy invented by community member Debbie Schwartz called Tiger Tunes. We decided to do this a bit under the radar by posting a plush toy challenge to our forum members

New Partners, New Shop

Two big announcements this week! First, we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Viatek Consumer Products Group. Viatek is a world leader in the development of innovative products for both their brand, as well as renowned licensees. They utilize a strong global infrastructure for product development and currently distribute products in 40 countries spanning 5 continents.

Inventors Rights: A Letter from the President of the United Inventors Assoc.

I am proud to announce that Quirky is now a corporate sponsor of the UIA, a national 501 C 3 non-profit organization dedicated to inventor education, marketplace access, and advocacy. The UIA was begun in 1993 with strong connections to the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Today it boasts a national membership and affiliation

June Update: What’s Going On

Summer has well and truly arrived here in NYC, and we’re embracing all of the work that’s keeping us inside with the AC! Here is a snapshot into some of the projects we’ve been tackling over the past few weeks: Licensing Expo Las Vegas: At the end of May the Quirky team hopped a flight

Quirky’s Had Some Work Done

Something’s different, we’re glad you noticed! We’ve had some work done. Nothing crazy, a few cosmetic tweaks to update the aesthetic of the website. Over the next couple of months you’ll see quite a few changes being rolled out to the Quirky platform, starting with our homepage and logo change today. Why did we make

Announcing our New President, Getting Ready to Relaunch

Today Quirky announced the appointment of Gina Waldhorn as President. This hiring is the first public signal of what’s to come for the invention platform that during its heyday employed over two hundred people and raised over $180 million, but was forced to shut its doors due to an unsustainable business model. “We’ve been purposely